Guest blog: What It’s Really Like Raising Five Boys
Mother of Five Boys with her sons
Mother of Five Boys with her sons

Guest blog: What It’s Really Like Raising Five Boys

Care have collaborated with family bloggers to bring you a parenting survival series, exploring the trials and tribulations of caring for a family. Welcome to the fourth instalment, written by Mother of Five Boys. Follow us on social to stay tuned for more from our guest bloggers.

Hi, my name is Faye. 

I share my journey of Motherhood on Instagram @mother_of_five_boys, where I have met such lovey friends and likeminded mums from all over the world. I have Ralph who is 11, Judah 9, Hunter 5 and twins Freddie and Jasper who are both 2. I’m often asked how I manage to do it all, raise five children and make it look easy, from Mums who are struggling with having two…and the truth is, I didn’t cope well with having two either!

It’s hard work having two children

Becoming a new parent, as well as adjusting to having two children was the hardest stage of life in my opinion. This is when I had the most worries and everything became overwhelming a lot of the time. Although it is a tough time, it is also when we grow the most. 

Having more children forced me to relax. The experience of having done it all before, plus not physically being able to watch them all so intensely at the same time, turns out to be a great thing. I’ve been able to learn that children have an amazing sense of their own wellbeing, it’s very surprising to see how aware they are when it comes to danger and the boundaries they will put in place themselves if left unaided. 

I watched the twins at the beach last week, they would wander quite far away, but then stop just before a small stream running through the sand and return to us. This wasn’t very interesting until I watched them wander off in exactly the same way, but this time Matt wasn’t far behind them and they carried on right into the stream – and had to be carried out by my partner, Matt! 

The twins are much more able physically than my older boys were at their age, they do scare me but I’ve learnt to leave them a lot more while they clamber over rocks or climb at the park. I’m hopeful that this will also affect their overall confidence, as well as their physical ability. I love to see all the boys playing outside, I really think that it’s my happy place, especially at the beach – which is probably the main reason for relocating to Cornwall last year. 

At the beach!

Children need to spend time outdoors

Another question I get asked a lot is ‘How do I manage to take them all out?’

Imagine having five boys all in the house together for any length of time…it is far more hectic than getting them ready and out the door. 

I find being outdoors is the only time the twins are completely entertained without my interaction. The older boys will often take a little time to get into a game on their own, but again they will then be self-sufficient for hours and it is so wonderful to watch. 

It does result in more washing, as they often undress at the front door leaving a huge pile of muddy laundry, but it’s really satisfying and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Being outdoors this much does also result in inevitable lumps, bumps and scrapes*, not too often fortunately, but they can’t be avoided and I definitely notice the boys grow in confidence after getting back up after a fall. 

The boys

Where to turn to for family health advice  

I was really surprised to find Hunter had a tick not so long ago, we had this problem when travelling in the states last year so luckily I knew what it was straight away and I was able to take it out. If I hadn’t dealt with this in America I would have gone straight to a pharmacy for advice.

This is why I value their service so much, I don’t always remember at first, but it is so useful having a first port of call that we can walk straight into and get an expert opinion. Often being able to buy a suitable remedy there and for a few pounds.

I’m so grateful we have the number of pharmacies we do in this country! Especially with the NHS being so stretched, with A&E waiting times at an all-time high and getting a GP appointment can be very difficult – if you can’t ring, and ring, and ring at the exact time they open in the morning there is little hope of getting one of the few appointments available that day.  

It’s been really insightful working with Care, their Facebook page is full of helpful advice when it comes to looking after a family, so do check it out @CareRemediesUK and they are also the number one brand sold through UK pharmacy** across many different health categories, so keep an eye out for them the next time you go.

The kids enjoying the outdoors

Faye is a parenting blogger writing about the reality of living with five sons. You can read her blog

*Care Antiseptic First Aid Cream. Contains Cetrimide. For use in minor burns, napkin rash and abrasions. Suitable for adults, children, and the elderly. Always read the label.

**For verification please write to Thornton and Ross Ltd, HD7 5QH

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