Who can use this product?

It can be used by adults over 18 and the elderly. As with all medicines, if you are pregnant, might be pregnant or are breastfeeding, use of this product should be avoided unless recommended by a doctor. Medicines can affect the unborn baby. Do not use if you are allergic to Feverfew or other members of the Asteraceae (Compositae) family such as daisies, marigolds, artichokes, chrysanthemums or ragweed.


If you are taking any prescription medication or have a medical condition, consult your healthcare professional before taking this product.


Note this product also contains glucose.

How to use this product?

Take 1 tablet daily with water or other liquid. Do not take more than the label tells you to.

See the product label for full details.
Always read the leaflet/label carefully before use.
If in doubt, always talk to a healthcare professional.

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Reporting of side effects

If you get any side effects, talk to your doctor, pharmacist or nurse. You can also report side effects directly via the Yellow Card Scheme at:

By reporting side effects you can help provide more information on the safety of this medicine.

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