Guest blog: What to do if your child has chickenpox? Real mum shares tried and tested tips

Guest blog: What to do if your child has chickenpox? Real mum shares tried and tested tips

Care have collaborated with family bloggers to bring you a parenting survival series, exploring the trials and tribulations of caring for a family. Welcome to the fifth instalment, written by Ready Freddie Go. Follow us on social to read more from our guest bloggers.

I think for all parents there is that one thing we all dread facing during our time raising children, and that is chickenpox.

Somehow, Freddie managed to miss it in nursery and ended up catching it at the Christmas term, in fact it was Christmas Eve! I did think that somehow it would skip us, as after every warning email that it was prevalent in the school, we seemed to miss it. Maybe all the croup he suffered meant he would get away with it… sadly it didn’t.

Our first symptoms of chickenpox

I don’t even remember consciously looking for any spots, he was just grouchy for bed and I noticed a little blister on his arm near his armpit, it wasn’t particularly alarming, but a little odd. The next morning however, it looked a little more nasty and red, being a bit more fluid-filled too. Now, it was at this point where I started to panic and go into ‘stress mode’, so I’m writing about our chickenpox journey supported by Care, to enable you to get through it stress free.

The first sign of chickenpox

Care is the No.1 brand sold through UK pharmacy* and have over 80 different remedies to care for those you love. I know I have used some of these products as a nurse and as a mum, especially as they are great value and cover a wide range of ailments. Care really came to our rescue when we started to use Virasoothe®** with Freddie’s pox. It really made the difference, especially when I could get it from our local pharmacy who also gave us free and informative advice alongside it.

Signs to look out for

The first sign with Freddie was irritability – he was just off. I had expected this to come after the spots were at their worst, but it was our first sign. For him I think the spots were a strange distraction and he was quite curious of them popping up all over his body, more and more each hour.

We did also get the dreaded chickenpox itch, but I found it was just one bad night – it really subsided after that, which was a relief! Once the spots were in full attack-mode we had the cough and stuffy nose, essentially, he was full of cold that I think made him more miserable than anything else did.


Tips that worked for us

We had a range of ammunition in our fight against the pox, somethings I found were traditional and worked efficiently, and these complimented new treatments well. We used Virasoothe®** from Care, an odourless gel that cools the skin, helping to stop the itch scratch cycle. It can even be used from six months of age! I used to pop ours in the fridge so it was extra cooling.

We really found a slice of relief with the gel, as it gave Freddie time to rest and have a break from his spots and not be tempted to scratch and scar himself. We also found it fantastic that it could be used all over the body, as Freddie had them from his scalp even down to his privates. Poor little thing! The gel loosens in texture when it meets the warmth of hands and so I used to warm it slightly to ease through his hair and coat his scalp.

Freddie also used to love to have a tepid oat bath, the water turns to a milky consistency and it provided him with light relief in between gel applications and settled his skin.

Alongside regular children’s paracetamol and anti-histamine, the other must-have for us was entertainment! He spent hours curled up either colouring, watching his tablet or drawing. I didn’t mind this, as you could soon see the pattern of when he was bored and starting to feel down.

It’s been 6 months since Freddie’s bout of chickenpox and I’m pleased to say he only has one scar, out of about 30 spots! The one that’s scarred is the ‘starter spot’ and it’s hidden by his armpit. This was by no means the worst one either. So far, Dexter hasn’t had it yet either!

Emma and Freddie

Visit your local pharmacy and ask for the Care range or like our Facebook page @CareRemediesUK for more health advice.

­Emma is a parenting blogger and mother of two based in Shropshire. You can read her blog here

*For verification please write to Thornton and Ross Ltd, HD7 5QH

**Care ViraSoothe® Chickenpox Relief Cooling Gel. Clinically proven to help relieve the irritating symptoms of chickenpox. Suitable from children over 6 months. Always read the label.

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