Chickenpox Made Easy

With Dr Sarah Jarvis
Dr Jarvis gives some straightforward advice about managing chickenpox and lays out 10 golden rules to follow. Dr Jarvis does not endorse any medicine brands or products.
4.26 minutes


My 11 year old has never had chickenpox. Is it possible he will never get them?

With Dr Sarah Jarvis
Dr Jarvis explains why some children don’t seem to get chickenpox – and some of the problems that occur if women finally catch it when pregnant.
1:31 minutes



How long does it take chickenpox to go?

With Dr Sarah Jarvis
It sometimes seems like weeks between the first spot appearing and the last one finally disappearing. Dr Jarvis explains how long the condition actually lasts.
0:56 minutes



Can you have chickenpox and not itch?

With Dr Sarah Jarvis
Adults seem to suffer more with chickenpox itch but do some children not itch at all? Dr Jarvis talks about her experience of treating little ones.
0:36 minutes



When are chickenpox most contagious and can they be caught more than once?

With Dr Sarah Jarvis
The doctor advises on just when chickenpox is at its most contagious and whether it really can be caught more than once – as some people claim.
1:32 minutes